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About Us

Chef Kamal's Story

Chef Kamal grew up in what is called “Hummus Alley”, in the town of Tulkarm, on the West Bank of Palestine. As a boy it was his job to wait in line every morning at the specialists, the hummus and falafel makers, handing over an empty plate to be loaded up, and carrying the made-fresh food home for the family’s morning meal before heading out to school and work

Chef Kamal’s face is a familiar one to anyone who has ever bought hummus, baba ghanoush, shatta, falafel, mazza, labneh and other Mediterranean foods, available in the refrigerated deli section of local supermarkets such as Whole Foods,  Cosentino's Market, Hen House and more 

Our Values

Never Compromise

We never compromise our commitment to our products, or regard for our brand, or our loyalty to our customers, vendors and staff



We are family owned and operated. We believe in honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, and respect. Our family extends to our customers, vendors, partners, and staff


Unmatched Quality

We are committed to providing our customers with wholesome, consistent and safe products, through good manufacturing practices and by promoting quality awareness


Customer Satisfaction

Our name is a guarantee of satisfied customers. We will do whatever it takes to assure that our customers are happy with their purchases. Our goal is to meet and surpass expectations


Pursue Greatness

At Chef Kamal we are our own worst critics and constantly striving to evolve and better our customer’s experience

Our Mission

We are committed to providing our customers with high quality products that deliver an authentic Middle Eastern experience.  In a time when quality seems to be compromised by price, we are determined to be different and continue to offer the genuine quality that Chef Kamal provided when he started 30 years ago

We consider our customers to be an extension to our family and we want them to know all about us.  We believe in relationships and are fortunate to be connected to so many people (customers, suppliers, employees) through our products.  If our products help families take the time to come together and enjoy a good meal, we feel we've done something good


Yalla! Eat Real Food (Arabic for Let’s go!)


Rita D., Denver

"I bought this on a whim, but it immediately became a staple in our home!"

Anna A., Ohio

"I am not usually the type to get excited about things like this, but I cannot get over how good this is. I'm hooked!"

Jake D., Kansas City

"I love the variety!"

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